When Your Freedom is at Risk, You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

A defendant’s constitutional rights are his or her most valuable possession if arrested. Most of the cards are in the government’s hand.

  • If accused of a federal crime, the Department of Justice convicted defendants in about 93% of their cases.
  • Defendants had a better chance in North Carolina state courts, where prosecutors won about 67% of the time.

If Facing Federal Charges, Don’t Delay in Hiring a Lawyer

In federal court, it’s sometimes said that prosecutors don’t bring charges until they’re as certain as possible that they’ll win the case. As soon as someone believes that they’re being investigated by federal agents, they should immediately hire an attorney.

The best chance the defendant has against the tremendous resources of the federal government is to retain legal assistance and advice as soon as possible. Federal charges are always very serious.

Public Defenders

When someone is arrested and read the Miranda Warning, they are told that if they can’t afford a lawyer, the state will appoint a lawyer for them. This is an extremely important right, since no one should face the court alone. However, public defenders carry substantially heavier caseloads than private attorneys.

It’s possible for a public defender to be juggling several hundred cases at once. That reduces the amount of time that can be spent on any one client. This is dealt with by closing as many cases a possible with plea agreements. This fact partially explains why prosecutors will well over half of all of their cases. All convictions, however they are achieved, are wins for the prosecution.

Another disadvantage defendants face is that the defendant has no choice of lawyer with a public defendant. The defendant may get very lucky and be assigned an attorney who has been successful with similar cases – or not.

Private Attorneys

Private attorneys have more time to spend with each client and work out a good defense strategy. Just one advantage to the client’s case can be that extensive discussions with the client can reveal evidence that the client didn’t consider important. Private lawyers are also much more available to their clients than public defenders, who can be very hard to reach.

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